How to Choose a VPn Service

How to choose a VPN service to use at home

How to Choose a VPn Service

This technology, widely used in the corporate world, to create a tunnel (a virtual link), via Internet, between two geographically remote and this physical networks, transparent to its users. Only they have access (where his character) and the data sent through this tunnel is encrypted. This guarantees a VPN users in case of malicious interception (espionage, intrusion, etc), the data will be illegible for third parties.


A VPN allows you to go from a private network to another private network through Internet in a secure tunnel. This is not really useful to us because we don’t have access to the Internet in this context of use. Through a “classic” VPN SERVICE, your Internet browser cannot go on Your mail client cannot connect to the internal e-mail from your company, and not to your Internet email address. You’re safe, but isolated. VPN has all the necessary features that can used in a legal way to protect our communications from point A to point B. But that’s not all…


Internet is a place of communication and exchange of information, what do not like at all. Some States monitor and spy on the contents of the connections of their populations, and if necessary, do not hesitate to filter access to certain sites or services they consider contrary to their interests.

The diagram below shows a case of filtering implemented by a Government to prevent users of his country to put videos of demonstrations. This is an ideal context to use a VPN to get around this filtering.

You will understand your work station replaces A society and the VPN provider replaces the B company. The major difference is that the VPN provider “actually” connects you to the Internet and, thereby, Internet sees you now connected from the Sweden and not from your country. For example, the filtering set up by your country no longer applies. Using a legal tool, the VPN, you can publish your video on Youtube, check email, surf where you want securely etc. Your country will no longer see the use that you make of the Internet because you now access Internet through a tunnel which the end is located in Sweden, a country where the Internet can be controlled by your Government.

Put yourself in place this type of service is not an easy task and requires technical knowledge which is not within the reach of all. Fortunately, there are companies that sell this type of services, thus making trivial configuration and the use of a VPN on your workstation.


The price of a VPN connection is about 5 euros/month. Run the free VPN. One way or another, these “free” services will find a way to make you pay. A free VPN for example may have been put in place with one purpose is to quietly spy on your communications (HoneyPot).

Most VPN services provide a documentation and a software to install on your workstation. Once subscribed to their services, you will receive by e-mail your login: username & password (in the same way that your Inbox).

Start the software provided, enter your ID and password, the software will do the rest for you. He created the famous “tunnel” to the country that you have previously selected. Once the connection is established you are ‘virtually’ in another country.


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